ecologyNecessity of researches speaks that progressing growth of anthropogenous loading and its influence on a condition of biocenoses and as operating acts and standard documents concerning preservation of the environment and natural resources define necessity of geologo-ecological researches at planned building for an estimation of stability of functioning of ecosystems and their components.
   The purpose of engineering-ecological researches is the tentative estimation of a modern ecological condition and the forecast of possible changes of environment connected with building and operation of objects of building, for prevention and minimisation of possible negative consequences, and also for reception of the initial data for drawing up of section POE (preservation of the environment) in the civil-engineering design.
   In engineering-ecological researches by the primary goals of researches are:
  • estimation of a current state of an environment at existing forms of economic activities and sanitary-and-epidemiologic conditions in territory of building of object
  • look-ahead estimation of a condition of an environment and sanitary-and-epidemiologic conditions at functioning of objects
  • recommendation on working out of nature protection actions
   The technique is developed according to the Building rules 11-102-97 «Engineering-ecological researches for building» and the technical project of the customer of planned building. Proceeding from natural features of territory, and also character and degree of anthropogenous influence, for definition of a modern ecological condition of area of building the following complex of works is carried out:
  • gathering, processing and the analysis of the published and share materials and the data about an environment condition, search of objects of the analogues functioning in similar conditions
  • ecological recognition of space materials, with use of various kinds of shootings
  • routeing supervision with the description of an environment and landscapes as a whole, a condition of land and underground water ecosystems, sources and pollution signs
  • mountain developments for reception of the ecological information
  • geoecological approbation and estimation of impurity of soils and grounds, superficial and underground waters, atmospheric air
  • research and estimation of radiating conditions
  • laboratory chemical researches; structure of soils and grounds, superficial and underground waters, (maintenance definition in soils, grounds, superficial and underground waters of toxic elements, heavy metals, residual quantity of pesticides, mineral oil, mineral substances)
  • the plant and animal life analysis
  • processing of materials and report drawing up
   You can look finished projects on engineering researches here.
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