geodesyEngineering-geodetic surveys are carried out in three stages: preparatory, field and processing of the field data.
   In the beginning of a preparatory stage we receive the technical project and there is a preparation of the contractual documentation. Then gathering and processing of materials of engineering researches of last years on area of researches, and also land, cartographical, aeroshoots and other materials and the data which is in own or state funds is carried out. Further the program of engineering-geodetic researches according to requirements of the technical project of the customer, taking into account dangerous natural and technogenic conditions of territory is prepared.
   At a field stage our experts carry territory investigation, a complex of field works, and also necessary computing and other works on preliminary processing of the received materials and the data for maintenance of the control of their quality, completeness and accuracy.
   At the final stage with an estimation of accuracy of the received results, information on objects necessary definitive processing of field materials and the data is made for designing and building, situation and lay of land elements, about underground and elevated constructions with instructions of their technical characteristics and about dangerous natural processes.
   After performance of all necessary works we make and we transfer to the customer the technical report with necessary appendices by results of the finished engineering-geodetic surveys.
   Geodetic support of building includes:
  • creation of a geodetic marking network for building
  • carrying out in nature of the cores or the main marking axes of buildings and constructions
  • the geodetic control of accuracy of geometrical parametres of buildings and constructions in the course of building
  • supervision over deformations of the bases of buildings and constructions, a terrestrial surface and thickness of rocks in areas of development dangerous natural processes, including at performance of local monitoring of territory of building
  • geodetic works at installation of equipment
   On materials executive shooting it is made the following executive geodetic documentation:
  • executive schemes on elements of designs and parts of buildings and constructions
  • executive drawings on underground communications
  • executive drawings on elevated communications
  • executive drawings of a general layout
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