Engineering-geological surveys for building are spent at various stages of drawing up of the documentation and according to the technical project of the client.
geologyThe purpose of surveys is the estimation of engineering-geological conditions of a platform of building and reception of grounds' characteristics in sphere of interaction of projected constructions with the geological environment, and also reception of the initial data for working out of actions for protection of building designs against aggressive influence of environment.
Problems of researches – studying of physical-geological conditions, a geological structure, hydro-geological conditions, the basic physicomechanical properties of grounds, a chemical compound of underground waters and corrosion activity of grounds. For task in view performance following kinds of works are carried out:
  • inspection of a site of works
  • drilling of chinks
  • sampling of grounds and waters from chinks, their laboratory researches and analyses
  • processing of the received material with report drawing up.
   Drilling is made by machine tool "UGB-1VS" in the with great dispatch-rope way a ring face in diameter of 146 mm with full selection of a core. In the course of drilling the documentation of chinks, sampling of a ground and ground waters for laboratory researches and analyses, and also supervision over level of ground waters is conducted. Sampling грунтов is made according to state standard requirements. Samples of grounds for definition of physicomechanical characteristics are selected by a dot method, for definition of corrosion properties – furrow. Laboratory researches of grounds are made with observance of requirements of state standard 12071-2000, 12536-79, 25584-90, 9.602-05. Classification of grounds is accepted in accordance with state standard 25100-95.
   Our company also uses for the analysis of grounds own laboratory, and for mobile drilling of chinks - machine tool "UAZ "Farmer" with block chisel installation "BBU "Opyonok".
   You can look projects on engineering surveys here.
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