Mine survey - branch of a mountain science and the technics which subject is studying on the basis of natural measurements and the subsequent geometrical constructions of structure of a deposit, the form and the sizes of bodies of a mineral in bowels, placings in them useful and harmful (for technology of processing) components, properties of containing breeds, a spatial arrangement of developments, processes of deformation of breeds and a terrestrial surface in connection with mountain works, and also reflexion of dynamics of production of the mountain enterprise.
   In this sphere our company renders following services:
  • maintenance of conducting mountain works
  • spatially-geometrical measurements of mountain workings out and underground constructions, definition of their parametres, sites and conformity of the design documentation
  • supervision over a condition of mountain taps and substantiation of their borders
  • conducting the mountain graphic documentation
  • the account and substantiation of volumes of mountain workings out
  • definition of dangerous zones and measures of protection of mountain workings out, buildings, constructions and natural objects from influence of the works connected with using by bowels
  • mine survey
  • search of new deposits of building sand, the organisation and the control of prospecting works (drilling, geophysics, approbation, calculation of stocks)
  • conducting documentation on existing open-cast mines
  • designing of the mining enterprises
  • Working out and the practical help in the coordination of projects of working out of minerals (opened and underground ways)
  • preparation of the project of mountain tap
  • preparation of the plan for development of mountain works
  • preparation of a package of the documents necessary for reception of the special permission to using by bowels (licence), rendering of the practical help in reception
  • engineering maintenance of mountain works
  • the analysis of investments of the mining enterprises and search of deposits of a necessary mineral
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